HPV Genital Warts

HPV Genital Warts is the most common sexually transmitted infection of which there is more then 40 different HPV types that can infect humans.  Most people who are infected with HPV Genital Warts don’t even know it as they are asymptomatic, showing no outward signs of infection.

It is estmated that approximately 20 million Americans have the HPV virus and 6.2 million more will become infected every year.  Nearly 50% or all sexually active individuals will contract HPV.

HPV Genital Warts Symptoms

hpv genital warts virus

hpv genital warts virus

For those who do become infected with the hpv genital warts virus, and are not asymptomatic, the hpv genital warts will manifest itself as small flesh colored bumps and can be found individually or in clusters.  HPV genital warts are very small and not always easy to see at first and can be missed until they begin to cluster at which time it is easier to see.

HPV genital warts is a virus, and it can be contracted during sex with as little as one exposure.  HPV genital warts can cause health problems and unsightly bumps or clusters.  The HPV virus has been associated with cervical cancer as well as other types of cancers.  While it can be treated with medications and surgery, once infected with the virus a person shall always be a carrier.

HPV Genital Warts Information

HPV genital warts is not a respecter of persons and can infect anyone of any age, both men and women, however most of those infected are between the ages of 17 – 33.  The primary cause of infection is sexual contact with someone who is infected with the hpv genital warts virus and there is a 60% chance of infection from a single contact.

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